AC3 joins MouseBelt Accelerator with GrowYourBase Platform

Companies face a fiercely competitive landscape to increase sales and expand their community. Managing various social media channels is time-consuming, while consumers have developed short attention spans with advertisement overload. To fix this problem, AC3 built the tools that allow a company to find and retain an advocate base. They help companies acquire their first brand advocates and create brand loyalty requires by making trust the focal point of their applications. AC3 is the token powering the GrowYourBase influencer marketing platform where users directly earn and purchase products from innovative companies.

GrowYourBase is a platform for companies with digital assets to promote and interact with key users by rewarding with their native tokens. They work with businesses to grow their brand and sell more products. Their tools activate current fan bases as well as capture new supporters. Companies can leverage their global network of over 2.5 million consumers to increase their active following.

The GrowYourBase platform aligns the interest of companies and users. One function of the platform is to ensure multiple engagements that allow users to advocate (promote) and then earn a fractional piece of an asset. Advocates for these companies complete assignments and get paid for doing so. Assignments can include subscribing to a newsletter or sharing on social media. Earners can find cool products, new content and ridiculously valuable rewards that are only accessible on the platform.

AC3 has previously been a client of MouseBelt's engineering arm MouseBelt Engineering. John Fields, CEO, had this to say about the most recent development in the relationship:

With the terrific experience we have had in the last year working with the MouseBelt development team building our platform, it was a no-brainer to join the Accelerator

Steve McGarry, COO, added:

The MouseBelt Accelerator is structured to give participants the highest probability to succeed by providing support across the board from DevOps to brand development. It now feels like we have an army of experts supporting us at every turn that would be nearly impossible for a start-up to achieve

To learn more about MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator visit ourwebsite.

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