Announcing MouseBelt: The Only Full-Service Blockchain Accelerator in the World

NueValue Capital and NoRestLabs have joined forces to form MouseBelt, a new blockchain and ICO accelerator. Both companies have brought multiple blockchain projects major success-- NueValue Capital has funded over 60 blockchain companies and NoRestLabs is a team of over 25 talented engineers who are blockchain specialists. MouseBelt is investing $2.5 million in 5 companies for their first batch called classOne. classOne starts August 1, 2018. Interested companies can apply here.

MouseBelt is doing accelerators differently
Many accelerators offer money, then just throw their batches in the deep end. We want to do things differently. At MouseBelt we are committed to the long term success of our companies. We offer a full-service program meant to take projects from their original idea, to ICO and beyond. The classOne program will invest $140-$240K in each company and lasts 16 weeks. During this time participants will have access to a plethora of resources and amenities. We provide a team of developers to help them fast-track product development and a legal team to remove any potential roadblocks. Participants will also have access to knowledgeable business people, tech experts and industry leaders. We are also offering office space and housing on an island in Thailand where participants will build lifelong friendships and connections with other hard-working founders.

MouseBelt is much more than an investment group
We’re dedicated to facilitating growth in all sectors of the blockchain ecosystem. We know this technology has the potential to change the world and we want to be a part of the revolution. That’s why we started our University Outreach Program. We believe some of the most innovative ideas come from students and universities. We’ve talked to over 35 schools across the U.S. and Canada and the consensus is clear: students want more hands-on experience developing their own blockchain projects and are short on resources. We provide opportunities for club funding, event sponsorship, mentorship, curriculum development and more. Another way we are support students is awarding resource grants and stipends for individuals and teams working on their own blockchain products. Anyone interested in applying for a grant can fill out our form here.

MouseBelt is helping the community master blockchain
We are releasing a suite of completely free, completely customizable and rebrandable open-source development tools. These include explorers to help users browse blockchains, KYC integration, multi-coin integration and multi-chain wallets. We have also launched a website to help educate the world about this new and ever-changing technology. Its a collection of the best links and articles for learning about blockchain and cryptocurrency called Satoshi Links. Satoshi Meetups will be a centralized place to find blockchain/crypto meetups near you and will be launched soon.

We are excited to contribute to the amazing work being done in this space and are looking forward to collaborating with you!

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The only full-service blockchain accelerator in the world. Investing $2.5 million in blockchain projects this year We go beyond cash investments.