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Announcing: MouseBelt University Sponsorships

At MouseBelt we believe that blockchain is the best means to make a huge impact on the growth of the planet. Our goal is to advance blockchain technologies through investment, development, and support. We're creating an ecosystem that encourages innovation by providing tools and resources to the groups that need it most: startups, developers, and students. That's why we launched our full-service accelerator, released a suite of open-source development tools, and are sponsoring university blockchain student organizations. These initiatives will attract more people to the space and encourage them to build more products.

We contacted over 35 student organizations in the U.S. and Canada to understand the status of blockchain innovation on college campuses. What we discovered is that many universities are slow to invest in blockchain education. Students have to create their own spaces to connect with other enthusiasts, educate themselves, provide workshops and curriculum, and get hands on experience developing projects. Unfortunately, a lot of these clubs struggle with finding faculty support and funding.

That's where MouseBelt comes in.

We are excited to announce our first batch of university sponsorships! For fall 2018 we've selected the top 10 student organizations doing real work to advance blockchain technology. These groups are right on the verge of becoming hubs for blockchain in their communities and we hope our funding, mentorship and professional network will be the support they need to take their operations to the next level. We have officially partnered with the following 5 schools and will be announcing more in the coming weeks:

In addition to sponsoring student organizations, we also help fund hackathons and award grants to students working on innovative blockchain projects. Interested in any of these opportunities? Apply here!

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MouseBelt is an ecosystem promoting blockchain innovation by supporting hands-on development of the emerging projects and leaders in the industry. Startups. Builders. Community.