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Ape TV Show Community Update #1 + #2

After a fantastic first and second week of open casting for the Meta Ape Studios’ Bored Ape TV show, MouseBelt concluded a second round of casting for Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT owners at Nearly 400 BAYC’s applied to take part in an animated ape tv show — with 100 selected to be considered for leading roles.

To thank and reward early community participation, we are making custom animations for the first five apes that signed a letter of intent agreement to have their apes be a part of our tv show.

As we grow the Ape TV Show community, we’re excited to launch the community Discord in the coming weeks so prepare for exciting surprises with the first trailer concept for the TV show.

There will also be opportunities next week to join the discord early!

Without further ado — here are the highlights from the first week:

  • $50M USD of Bored Apes applied to the Ape TV Show in a single week
  • The Ape TV show got over 400 applications in one week!
  • Casting call No. 2 was announced on 02/21 and will last one week until 02/28

We accepted 50 additional applications based on different asset combinations below:

  • 20 Full Set apes (Bored Ape, M1, M2)
  • 20 Apes that have a BAKC companion (Bored Ape + Kennel Dog)
  • 10 Hip Hop apes to be in a rap group (Bored Ape with hip hop trait)

The first 100 Apes were chosen (at random) to be main and secondary characters in our TV show. All winners were emailed and given a Letter of Intent to sign to allow the show to legally use their age.

  • The first 5 LOI signers receive a special 1/1 animation

Week 2 has been very busy as well behind the scenes — here’s the latest information for Feb. 28 to March 4:

  • Casting call #2 was closed on 02/28
  • All-time high Twitter followers at 943, we hope to reach 1,000 soon as we build our community!
  • We sent a final reminder to Round 1 casting call apes that didn’t respond by 02/28. Next, we contact our list of 50 waitlist apes to give them the next opportunity at being a Main/Secondary character.

Special animation winners should check their DM from Meta Ape Studios for information on how they can receive their animation in the coming weeks…

Before you go, check out our extended 6 week roadmap! We’re excited to launch a trailer with the community.

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