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Ape TV Show Community Update #3

It’s been a wonderful three weeks to the beginning of Meta Ape Studios’ project to bring a Bored Ape Yacht Club TV show to life!
MouseBelt and Meta Ape Studios would like to extend congratulations to the first ten Apes that have signed letters-of-intent to be on the show.
The first ten apes have also had their unique animations revealed via Twitter - check out the @BAYCStudios account here to see them!
The Ape TV show’s first teaser also featured a surprise announcement giving the community and cast members a sneak peek at what’s to come!
Did you catch the team’s up FRONT announcement - view it here!
Next week — be on the lookout for a pair of exciting developments:
First, be on the lookout for an announcement of The Ape Tv Show discord.
Second, be on the lookout for special ape animations posted daily from our Twitter and an announcement of the next five apes who will receive one.
Were you late to being one of the 100 apes we selected? No worries! Meta Ape Studios has opened a waitlist that new apes can find at this link. We’re still looking for 20 more apes!
Without further ado, here are the highlights from week three of the Ape TV Show:

  1. $70m of Bored Apes applied to Ape TV Show so far
  2. The Ape TV Show is rewarding community members by creating personalized animations for the earliest Ape TV Show cast members. Check out what the community had to say about them! Shoutout to the @FrenchBAYC on Twitter, we’re excited to have a community member in our show.
  3. In order to highlight members of the community and for people to get familiar and meet one another we started highlighting all our the Apes that have committed, by featuring them on Twitter.
  4. Casting call No. 2 winners were notified and given a week to respond. We’re excited to involved cast members who submitted a Bored Ape with BAKC Kennel companion and everyone that submitted their full set of apes.
  5. We’ve been scheduling calls with select community members to discuss how to incorporate “full set” apes into the Ape TV Show. We believe this will strengthen the show’s value.
  6. We have revealed the Special Animations for the first ten apes to sign LOIs on Twitter. We’ll be expanding to reward the next five Apes next week.
  7. Special animation winners should check their DM from the BAYC Studios twitter account for information on how they will receive their animation in the coming weeks.
  8. All-time high Twitter followers at 967, we hope to reach 1,000 soon as we build our community!
    Helpful Meta Ape links:
  9. Main page
  10. Roadmap
  11. Cast members
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