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Ape TV Show Community Update #4

With the first month of the Ape TV Show firmly in the books, the team wanted to provide a lengthy update on the latest with the project.

The Meta Ape Studios team wanted to extend congratulations for the first 10 Apes on the show to have had their special animation revealed on Twitter. To reward the most engaged community members, the team is gifting a special unique 1/1 animation to each.

Ape TV Show had a surprise IRL teaser to give the Bored Ape Yacht Club community a sneak peek of the content recorded in New York, San Francisco, and Miami. Did you catch all the different NFT communities featured?

Two things to watch out for next week: first, a special animation video featuring a Crypto Punk and the ability to view the animation gifts on the Meta Ape Twitter page for the next five Apes.

One last thing before we get into the weekly accomplishments — were you late to sign up to become one of the first 100 in Ape TV Show? No worries we’ve opened a waitlist new Apes can fill for free at!

And with that, let’s break down the team’s weekly accomplishments from weeks 4 + 5:

  • $70m of Bored Apes applied to Ape TV Show so far
  • Ape TV Show has been rewarding community members by creating personalized Special Animations for the earliest Ape TV Show cast members. Check out what the community had to say about them!
  • Shoutout to the CameoPass on Twitter for sharing our animation that we especially gifted to the CEO of Cameo, we’re excited to experiment with other communities in the NFT creator economy!
  • Sign up to speak at the upcoming REIMAGINE Rise of The Apes (BAYC-themed conference):
    Register to attend or request to speak at one of the largest virtual crypto conferences! The next one will be mainly BAYC-themed. REIMAGINE Rise of The Apes V12.0 is coming May 2, 2022. Topics include: BAYC — Year In Review, Meet The Holders, Community Strength, The Roadmap, Crypto Punks Acquisition, The ApeCoin Launch, The Yuga Metaverse, 2022 predictions.
  • Speaker Request Link
  • Register Link
  • Mousebelt Blog Post
  • The team launched the Ape TV Show Community Discord! To start, we’re only giving access to our 100 cast members and will open to the public at a later date.
  • We wanted to reward all our cast members for their participation thus far, so we’re sharing our future NFT offering plans with the 100 cast members to collect feedback before we publicize the offering.
  • In order to highlight members of the community and for people to get familiar and meet one another we started highlighting all our the Apes that have committed, by featuring them on Twitter.
  • We scheduled calls with multiple “full-set” Ape owners from our cast, to discuss their interest in casting all three Apes in the TV show. We believe unique aesthetics could strengthen the TV show’s value, but have not made final decisions yet.
  • In the spirit of Web3, we asked our cast for the first time about their interest in using the intellectual property of a CryptoPunk for an animation.
  • We have made Special Custom Animations for a total of 15 Apes in our cast so far. We’ll be revealing up to two animations per week.
  • All-time high Twitter followers at 1,019, thanks to everyone we reached 1,000 organic followers!

Be sure to check your email and spam folders from emails from If you’re one of the first 100 cast members, be sure to check your email for a Discord community invite.


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