Are You MouseBelt's Type? - Part 1

To answer this question, you need to understand who MouseBelt is. Part 1 covers our armoury of benefits, but if you’re already familiar with why MouseBelt’s unique in the Accelerator space, and you’re ready to find out if we can help you, please skip straight to Part 2.

Who is MouseBelt, and how do we generate results?

MouseBelt is a full-service blockchain accelerator, cornering the market with a pioneering approach that generates real results. But what exactly does this mean? And how do we filter through the hundreds of applications received each month?

Let’s start with the basics. ‘Full-service’ means we have all the resources you would typically need to give your company the best possible chance of success. We’re unlike VCs, which simply front you the cash and send you on your way, or accelerators that teach you standardised information and grant you two hours a week with a mentor, MouseBelt was born of a desire to be better. Our founders and team members have been through accelerator programs themselves, raising money through VCs. That means they know the pitfalls and have chosen to rectify them.

MouseBelt is different in two ways:

1. We’re packing in-house resources
Partnerships are often key to getting your product implementable and usable. You can waste valuable weeks and incur huge recruitment fees hiring business development or sales personnel who may or may not do a good job, or you could use our in-house business development team who’ve closed partnerships with some of the top crypto projecs in blockchain.

You’re also likely to need blockchain developers, and you’d be correct to be wary of the handful of these available who claim to be experts with no real track record. I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories of huge ICO projects with $20m-$50m raises struggling to get out a working product a year later. We solve this problem with over 50+ in-house blockchain developers and a solid track record. We’ve just published some amazing open source blockchain tools for the community, showcasing our quality development skills.

2. We go that extra mile
Aside from providing all the critical resources mentioned above, we also offer mentors. That’s because we know that starting out means having questions, or even fresh ideas that you need someone knowledgeable to bounce off. A personal sounding board if you will. Someone who really understands your business, your space and shares your incentives. We do this by giving you access to fellow entrepreneurs and early blockchain adopters that can add value in unique and vital ways.

MouseBelt is a big deal

Getting accepted onto the MouseBelt program is a game changer. Overnight your team will grow to include an army of knowledgeable individuals who live and breathe your company ethos. People that will go to war for your vision every single day. You’ll acquire cutting edge knowledge and experience across the sector, tailored to your niche.

Put simply, getting a MouseBelt ‘yes’ means decreasing the number of mistakes you’re likely to be making, while increasing the number of optimal decisions you make for your company.

Continue on to Part Two to learn about what we're looking for.

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Written by John Tabatabai

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