Are You Who We're Looking For? - Part 2

Let’s get straight to the point. We look for teams that know their own strengths and weaknesses, and are humbly open to accepting solid advice rooted in experience. You need to be a team that’s here for more than just money. This isn’t a hand-out. We’re on the hunt for teams who want a partner, who want resources and experience to help catapult their idea into reality.

Some of the main considerations are:

It’s important that the picture you paint for us is well thought out and easy to understand. That’s how we can immediately determine it’s potential for marketing success. Aside from being clear and concise, your idea needs to be unique. This is what will help you to cut through the market noise and, more importantly, make you harder to copy and thus compete with. A safety moat if you will.

Market size & niche
MouseBelt is aware that in the fluid space, what may be a profitable and highly lucrative niche this month may become a dead zone the next. Your addressable market size must be significant enough to justify the investment. If your niche is a little bit too niche, we might consider ourselves the wrong fit for your idea. That’s because we only look for projects where we can add significant and measurable value.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this. Without great people, you’re unlikely to run a successful company. We look for leaders that can think outside the box, perform under pressure, endure downswings with a positive attitude, and communicate logically. Many people like the idea of being an entrepreneur but don’t necessarily have what it takes. Not to put too fine a point on it, but running a real business is often akin to chewing glass! We look for courage, dedication and business common sense. We’ll leave it to you to tell us what else you bring to the table.

It’s taken over six years to build the team we have today. A team we’re comfortable bragging about. We’re looking for companies led by astounding people, looking to effect serious change within their niche.

MouseBelt is built on honesty & transparency

Ultimately success is based on trust. We want to make sure you believe in us as much as we believe in you. That’s why we encourage late-stage applicants to set up calls with our portfolio company founders. Due diligence is a two way street after all!

If you think your company has what it takes to join the MouseBelt family, applications for the accelerator are always open. Apply here:

Are you a student entrepreneur working on a project? Apply to the University Pitch Competition by Feb 1, 2020 here:

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Written by John Tabatabai

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