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Bitcoin Meets Hollywood in First-of-its-Kind Documentary Series COINS

Coins is the first Hollywood-grade crypto series of its kind with episodes 1 through 6 published on YouTube and new releases scheduled for every Monday and Thursday through middle September! The series is produced by Orlando John, directed by Jonas Trukanas and hosted by Patrick Mclain of MouseBelt.

The 12-part series tells the story of the tidal wave caused by crypto and blockchain, the ways it has upended the global financial system and beyond. From the pioneers of the cypherpunk movement, to the multi-trillion dollar industry that has since grown from it, this series shows it all: the scams, the drugs, the hacks, the billionaires and the bankrupt. The untold story of cryptocurrency is here told by those who are living it.

Watch the FIRST EPISODE of COINS - "The War" - now on YouTube!

The core of the series was filmed at the Old San Francisco Mint, a location that seems more than appropriate for showing the change from the old guard to the new that’s happening in the financial world today. The whole production was shot during the height of the COVID crisis, filmed in stealth mode, with some of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency industry flying out to participate. The 34-person crew filmed in six countries with the 23 guests that made crypto what it is today.

Patrick McLain, host of the series and COO of MouseBelt said of the project: “Our goal is to bring the next billion people to crypto by making these stories accessible to a general audience and investing in a world-class production team.”

Released in an episodic format, each podcast tackles a different topic covering the history of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Episode 1 tackles the genesis block of the death knell for fiat currency and what inspired early crypto types to push for the blockchain. Most recently, Episode 6 has looked into the mystery of Bitcoin’s elusive creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

In just 48 hours after release, the trailer received over a million views on Twitter. The series promises to tells the whole story of crypto and blockchain like it has never been told before and features some of the biggest celebrities in crypto and blockchain, crime writers that have worked on shows like CSI, Hollywood production team, actor-narrator, and writers, and contains content from over 60+ hours of interviews.

Guests include:
Erik Voorhees — CEO of ShapeShift; Anthony Scaramucci — Managing Partner of SkyBridge Capital; Nathaniel Popper — New York Times reporter and author of Digital Gold; Charles Hoskinson — CEO of IOHK; Paolo Ardoino — Chief Technology Officer of Bitfinex; Sam Bankman-Fried — CEO of FTX; Nic Carter — Founding Partner of Castle Island Ventures; Lyn Ulbricht — Ross Ulbricht Defense Effort; Roger Ver — CEO of; Raoul Pal — CEO of Real Vision Group; Dan Held — Growth Lead at Kraken, Alex Mashinsky — CEO of Celsius Network, Mark Yusko — Managing Partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets; Paul Brody — EY’s Global Blockchain Leader; Sheila Warren — Head of Data, Blockchain, and Digital Assets at the World Economic Forum; Whitfield Diffie — Cryptographer, A.M. Turing Award Laureate; Bruce Fenton — Managing Director of Chainstone Labs; Meltem Demirors — Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares; Bill Barhydt — CEO of Abra; Dave Jevans — CEO of CipherTrace; Kosala Hemachandra — CEO of MyEtherWallet; Asiff Hirji — President of Figure; and Lou Kerner — CEO of BIGtoken.

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MouseBelt is an ecosystem promoting blockchain innovation by supporting hands-on development of the emerging projects and leaders in the industry. Startups. Builders. Community.