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Chicago Universities Blockchain Summit


MouseBelt University recently supported a collaboration of student in groups in organizing the largest student-run crypto conference in the midwest. The Chicago Universities Blockchain Summit was hosted by Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, DePaul University, The University of Illinois at Chicago, and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The event aimed to educate students about the inherent value of cryptocurrencies, foster discussion regarding latest developments and emerging trends, and connect young pioneers with professionals in the space.

President Spencer Huang of Northwestern Blockchain Club reported back that CUBS 2019 was a great success. CUBS was a project that their team of cross-campus collaborators worked on for the past six months. Over 140 people attended the event that took place after NY Blockchain week. With the support of sponsors and their skills in event planning they broke even with ticket sales the day of the event! Students and organizations were able to build relationships with the partners, speakers, attendees, and universities that attended. Huang added that all of the participants were happy with the event and are hopeful it has laid a foundation for next year's summit.


Large companies have been geniuinely supportive of educational initiatives revolving around crypto. CUBS secured speakers from companies like Coinbase, Deloitte, and IBM, and of course received sponsorship from companies like MouseBelt and BEN to name a few.

Supreme Hinton, president of Chicago Blockchain said:

I believe that CUBS2019 was a successful display of the impact that the collegiate crypto audience can have on both the student and professional community. We started with the idea around December 2018 with discussions regarding how disjoint we felt, as students, from professional events and companies in the crypto space. Since we were all leaders of blockchain initiatives in our school, we decided that there was no reason why a conference that connected students to professionals in the space, couldn't be a reality. Most crypto conferences are too expensive for students, and the quality of crypto conferences is variable. This leaves students confused; they find it difficult to tell which conferences, companies, and pieces of information are actually useful. This sort of ambiguity has a direct impact on the willingness of talented people in my age group to learn, engage with, and produce, in the space. We took this premise, and began the process of curating, and finalizing, our sponsor and speaker lists.

Learn more about CUBS here.

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