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New Accelerator Participant - Knowledgr is Crowdsourcing Scientific Research

Socioeconomic barriers prevent the majority of the world from participating in the scientific community. These barriers to participation reduce the diversity and size of that community. Additionally, contributors are often compensated unfairly or not at all. These problems inhibit progress and access to knowledge. One company seeks to solve all these pressing issues which is why MouseBelt is pleased to introduce our newest accelerator participant: Knowledgr!

Meet Knowledgr:

Knowledgr crowdsources scientific research by hosting an open database of scientific experiments from which users are financially compensated to make observations, ask questions, and form hypotheses. This format for scientific discussion creates an incentive structure that encourages openness, efficiency, and collaboration. Most importantly, Knowledgr's economy facilitates the democratization of research by allowing anyone, anywhere regardless of academic affiliation to make a living sharing their observations, questions, and hypotheses with the greater scientific community. Their commitment to the ethical requirements necessary to promote conflict-of-interest-free scientific inquiry, Knowledgr will publish all of their financial and proprietary data.

Meet the Knowledgr Team:

Patrick Joyce, M.S. - Co-Founder, CEO - Patrick Joyce is a former PhD-student in molecular biology turned medical student at Georgetown University. He founded Knowledgr in response to the antiquated culture that he observed first hand in a STEM doctoral program. Through Knowledgr he hopes to modernize the infrastructure of scientific research to follow in the footsteps of the open-source coding community.

Tracy Coleman, M.S. - Co-Founder - Tracy is an athletic trainer for the MLS franchise, FC Dallas. He applies the scientific method to help his athletes maintain peak performance on the pitch.

Zach Miller - Strategy Advisor - Zach is a generic pharmaceutical pricing analyst for Lupin. He joined the Knowledgr team to help make research science more accessible for critical thinkers outside of academia like himself.

Dr. Cristina Escoda Ph.D., M.B.A. - Scientific & Strategy Advisor - Dr. Escoda is an academic physicist turned venture capitalist turned blockchain entrepreneur. She graduated from Cambridge University with a Ph.D in String Theory and attended NYU's Stern school of business for an M.B.A. in financial instruments and markets.

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