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University Pitch Competition Winner--Covoir from UNAM

MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator is pleased to announce the winners of our Spring 2019 Pitch Competition! After participating in our University Program, founders are eligible to apply for our accelerator program where we go beyond cash investments to provide teams with the workforce they need for development, growth, and real-world adoption.

Our first new portfolio company is a previous MouseBelt University grant recepient Covoir! The team comes from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and has been working closely with our team for a few months.


Overview of Covoir

Covoir is a decentralized data bridge that brings real-world context to blockchain applications through crowd intelligence and machine learning. Covoir helps blockchain-based applications access reliable off-chain data. Crowd intelligence helps these apps use unstructured and complex data that is often hard to process by machines and cannot be simply googled or provided by an API.

Covoir addresses a long-standing problem that has kept blockchain-based applications from understanding what happened in the off-chain world. Covoir will not only help current Blockchain services, but it will also open new applications and services that can fit the public need than before. Currently, it is helping insurance and betting applications to expand their business scope. Covoir has been published on the Ethereum testnet that developers are able to use.

The team had this to say about their experience with MouseBelt:

"Mousebelt is an incredible accelerator, which provides a full range of assistance. Mousebelt offers a 16-week intense, rapid, and immersive program. The program helps us from the technical aspect, business aspect, design aspect, and financial aspect. During the program, we successfully built and published a real service from an idea. We built our service with the direct guidance of Mousebelt's CTO and their top analysts.

Moreover, they also help us to optimize our business plan and market analysis. The Mousebelt people are very knowledgeable about the market, the technique, and how to succeed. The interactions with the Mousebelt people also motivate us because of their passionate about work. With Mousebelt, we are looking forward to making Covoir a world's widely adopted blockchain application."

Learn more about Covoir here.

Learn more about our University Program here.

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