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Crypto Coin Trader Interviews MouseBelt University Program Members

On November 1, members of our University Program participated in a Facebook Live interview with Joe Blackburn, one of the founders of Crypto Coin Trader. Crypto Coin Trader is a Facebook community with over 115k members founded in April 2017. They strive to bring their members quality information on all things Blockchain. The team consists of over 20 admins and moderators who have extensive experience in the crypto-currency space and come from all backgrounds, from the Military to IT.

The interviewees included presidents of 3 different blockchain student organizations:

They talked about what their membership looks like, what kinds of events, workshops, and classes they have conducted, as well as their personal opinions on the cryptocurrency and blockchain space in general. Blackburn asked them what they do to mitigate skepticism about the technology. Rubo Dermoyan said

A lot of times what people say is "a centralized database can do the same thing so, why blockchain?"... I show them the technology, its capabilities in terms of privacy and security and ask "don't you think there's room for this" and it's hard for them to respond to that"

Blackburn then asked "What is the future of blockchain?" Joey said "identity", Rob said "cryptocurrencies", and Rubo said "banking the unbanked". They also shouted out MouseBelt for all our support of their organizations and organizing the interview.

Watch a full a recording of the Facebook Live Event on Youtube.

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