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Duke Blockchain Lab Hosts Events with IBM, Coinbase, Consensys

As the year comes to a close, we are reflecting on the accomplishments of our first semester of our University Program. This program gives members the opportunity to connect with other student leaders in blockchain and apply for funding. Our mission is to drive innovation and growth in the space. At MouseBelt we especially enjoy helping student organizations throw diverse and engaging events that will attract members and benefit those interested in pursuing careers in blockchain. For example, this semester Duke Blockchain Lab hosted a number of successful talks with industry leaders. Here are some of the highlights from club treasurer Justin LoTurco:

IBM event:
Sheehan Anderson, one of the co-founders of HyperLedger Fabric, IBM’s blockchain for business, hosted a guest lecture for Duke Blockchain Lab on Blockchain in Capital Markets. Sheehan’s talk covered an intro to Hyperledger Fabric and how it betters the US Securities Settlement process. Interested students learned what happens when you trade a stock in US markets today and how a blockchain improves the current process. Sheehan stayed after his talk to chat informally with interested students over pizza thanks to MouseBelt!

Coinbase event:
Coinbase recruiters came to Duke's campus to teach Blockchain Lab members about how their company is enabling the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies and how university students can be a part of it! Students were able to enjoy Chipotle during the event thanks to MouseBelt!

Consensys event:
ConsenSys is a global organism building infrastrucutre, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world. You might have heard of their cryptocurrency, Ethereum, but it's what they're doing with it that has got Duke's Blockchain Lab hooked. Their technology enables everything from decentralized real estate transactions to asteroid mining.


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