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University Pitch Competition Winners: Edunode from TBS

MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator is pleased to announce the winners of our Spring 2019 Pitch Competition! After participating in our University Program, founders are eligible to apply for our accelerator program where we go beyond cash investments to provide teams with the workforce they need for development, growth, and real-world adoption.

Our second new portfolio company is a team from Toulouse Business School in Barcelona, EduNode. Edunode was born as a collective effort of the TBS Blockchain Club. When presented with MouseBelt's pitch competition, they decided to use their entrepreneurial spirit to make a real impact in the world. They set out to build the best team possible out of an original group of 30. The idea for EduNode came later from the 8 person team started meeting and identifying some of the problems in education.


Overview of Edunode

Up to 85% of job applicants lie on their CV. Universities are constantly contacted by employers to verify the certificates of their students. This process is manual, time-consuming and completely ineffective. EduNode solves these problems by allowing Universities to easily issue instantly verifiable certificates - eliminating fraud, and saving them time and money

By using Blockchain technology, our platform creates certificates that are:

  • Instantly verifiable
  • Instantly accessible
  • Tamper proof
  • Secure & digital

Universities using EduNode will also provide their students an app with a personal, verifiable profile of academic credentials, giving them a unique competitive advantage when searching for a job.

Lucas Gil, the CEO, explains:

EduNode has been born and raised in the MouseBelt University Program. Having been chosen means a lot to us and, together with MouseBelt, we are ready to boost our progress and start changing education for the better.

Learn more about our University Program here.

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