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Gator Blockchain Club Hosts Inaugural Florida Blockchain Conference


On November 2, at Reitz Union Grand Ballroom. Gator Blockchain Club hosted the inaugural Florida Blockchain Conference. The educational event welcomed students, researchers, blockchain enthusiasts, and professionals interested in blockchain technology and its future impact and applications. The University of Florida was an ideal location for hosting such an event as they have been regarded again and again as the premier university in Florida. The goal of the conference was to create an effective yearly hub at University of Florida for blockchain education around the state.

Over 120 attendees participated in the event with a good mix between the number of students and professionals. Sponsors included notable groups including The Chamber of Digital Commerce, Hyperledger, and, of course, MouseBelt. Speakers included Perianne Boring, president of the Digital Chamber of Commerce, lawyers, business professionals, a monero developer, and professors from the university. They spoke on topics such as regulation in Florida and elsewhere, privacy, real world applications, social impact and the future of the space.

One of Gator Blockchain Clubs motivation to host the event is that they believe the biggest barriers to adoption of blockchain technology is the lack of blockchain-ready engineers and developers. We absolutely agree. Our mission here at MouseBelt is to build the blockchain ecosystem by focusing on development. That is why we run a sponsorship program to encourage more young engineers to choose careers in blockchain. We have also released multiple, free, open source tools to help developers easily integrate more featurs into their projects.


Rob Klages, president of the Gator Blockchain Club had this to say about the event:

The conference generated significant interest around campus and helped us solidify our message and achieve the initiatives we laid out. An overall success!

The mission of Gator Blockchain Club is to promote and raise awareness of blockchain technology throughout the UF community. They believe blockchain is a powerful technology that has the potential to revolutionize the global economy and want to inspire and prepare the next generation of blockchain pioneers.

Watch video footage of the conference on Youtube.

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