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Hello! My Name is Ashlie Meredith and I am the University Program Director at MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator and one of the people involved in creating our vision as a potential ICON P-Rep.

In a former blog post, we briefly touched on how we can utilize the awarded ICX tokens through our MouseBelt University Program. Our intention is to educate new users about the ICON network and incentivize users to write code on the ICON platform. In this blogpost I will give an overview of the MouseBelt University Program and how it has grown to become the hub for student developers that it is today.

In May of 2018, our team interviewed dozens of professors, researchers, and students from universities around the world. We discovered many students were interested in learning about blockchain technology but their universities were slow to meet the demand. Projects that were being developed often went stagnant during summer and after graduation. We wanted to fill the gap by providing support for events and educational initiatives on campuses which is why we launched the MouseBelt University Program with an original cohort of 13 student organizations.

Since then, our association of student blockchain organizations has grown to include 67+ groups in 14 countries. Participants in our program have access to our educational and social platforms which include three 8 week online courses in business, engineering and leadership. We offer one-on-one office hours with our team and virtual meetups with industry leaders. Our content is developed in response to student surveys and current market trends and is always evolving.

For the third semester of the program we are forming strategic partnerships with some of the top protocols and platforms in blockchain in order to bring more educational resources to our students. We aim to build a series of ICON courses on our MouseBelt University platform. Students who complete quizzes and homework assignments building on the ICON network can be rewarded in ICX. At the end of the semester, we will arrange a dApp competition among participating students to win more ICX as their seed investment and push the ICX ecosystem forward. As covered in the Iconist in January, our engineering team implemented some of the first token assets on the ICON blockchain. We have the optimal team to build and teach ICON curriculum and a plan for redistributing the ICX awarded to us for operating as an ICON P-Representative.

If you want students to be educated about the ICON network

Vote for MouseBelt x AC3 running as ICON P-Rep Candidate115!

Your MouseBelt Team, Ashlie

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