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Indiana University Hosts First Women in Blockchain Event


Women in Business at Indiana University, in conjunction with IU Blockchain and CEWiT's Graduate Women in Technology, hosted their first Women in Blockchain event on October 29th. MouseBelt served as one of the sponsors, providing funding through our University Program. Senior consultants from both IBM Blockchain Consulting and ConsenSys were also sponsors and were on for the event.


Over 85 people were in attendance and had the opportunity to hear from female blockchain professionals, academics, and enthusiasts who talked about how students can get involved with the technology, the challenges in the industry for women, and future trends of the blockchain space.

Speakers included:

  • Anne Griffin -- Lead Product Manager, ConsenSys
  • Abigail Sirus -- Senior Blockchain Consultant, IBM
  • Angie Raymond -- Associate Professor, Business Law & Ethics at Indiana University.
  • Dr. Ying Ding -- Associate Director of Data Science, Indiana University

Congratulations on a successful first Women in Blockchain event to all the students involved--especially our University Program participant IU Blockchain! MouseBelt looks forward to future opportunities to support your organization.

If you are a university student blockchain organization interested in receiving funding for events like this, apply here!

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