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Korea Blockchain Center Hosts Startups and Students Event with MouseBelt University


On October 2nd Bitcoin Center Korea, along with MouseBelt and other partners, hosted an event at the Google Startup Campus to support the further education and engagement of the bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto communities in Seoul. The event was timed to be just after the D.FINE conference. Tickets were provided for students to attend the conference and carried on their conversations to this event afterwards. Topics included the state of blockchain education, financial inclusion, regulation, and startup approaches on implementation.


Marissa Small, advisor at Bitcoin Center Korea, is also an ambassador for the MouseBelt University Program. She organized the event where students from different universities in Korea and the U.S. were in attendance.

"The students are awesome," she says. "At the conference in particular, it was an inspiration to see them take charge of their own learning in an environment you wouldn’t normally expect newcomers to easily adjust to. They asked really good questions about the technology and the business models for many companies, and they’ve expressed they want to continue to learn more."


Many students studying blockchain technology here in Korea have questions on whether or not they can get a job in the industry after graduation. Specifically, what technologies should they learn, what skills should they adopt to make themselves marketable, and why? The event covered existing educational, funding, and other opportunities in our industry. Examples of startups who’ve received funding from programs like MouseBelt University as well as organisations in South Korea were presented.


The worldwide startup space needs technical and strategic talent to advance entrepreneurs’ visions, and bridging the gap between students and startup will help more entrepreneurs reach their goals.

Learn more about Bitcoin Center Korea here.

Want to host a student event at your community center or blockchain organization? Learn more about MouseBelt University here.

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