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Madison's First Blockchain Hackathon a Success

The Madison Blockchain Hackathon organizing team reported their first ever hackathon was smooth and enjoyable thanks to the MouseBelt title sponsorship. The students had a lot of fun and are looking forward to working with us again soon. Rosalind Stengle, one of the organizers of the event and president of the UW Madison student blockchain organization, said:

"This is exciting for Badger Blockchain for Madison and I think even more broadly for the Midwest. So many students came out of the weekend feeling excited about new technology and empowered by what they had learned.

Rosalind Stengle presenting a Blockchain 101 workshop.

Our CTO, Galen Danziger, presenting our open source developer tools.

Students are continuing to work on the projects they built at the hackathon and are considering new jobs as a result of their experience. This is exactly in line with the MouseBelt Blockchain University Program's mission: to encourage students to become blockchain developers with the goal of promoting growth and innovation in the space.

Students hacking and snacking

The event attracted 60+ attendees, most of which were developers. 7 different submissions were made and 5 of them were winners.

Here is a description of the winning projects:

  • An application to transfer rights to photographs built on hyperledger
  • A series of smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain that curates a list of Study Sites and aggregates visitor reviews/experiences
  • Solutions for making lease agreements simpler and trusted coded with solidity and js.
  • A centralized public ledger of a company's sustainability built on hyperledger
  • An etherium based dApp that enables users to make donations to any artist or performer

Stay tuned for the student's post-event report--including an interview with University Program Director, Ashlie Meredith!

Read more about the hackathon winners at their devpost here.
Read more about our university program and apply to get involved here.

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