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MouseBelt celebrates another successful REIMAGINE virtual crypto conference

Did you miss REIMAGINE 2021 V9.0: “Game of Chains”? The 36-hour livestream conference is over but not gone: you can still watch all of our interviews on the REIMAGINE YouTube Channel! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss any future uploads or conferences!

The MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator is an ecosystem supporting students and startups in the blockchain industry. With sponsors Balanced, ICON, Harmony, DODO, Tellor and the Algorand Foundation, MouseBelt put on REIMAGINE V9.0 on June 21. Over 40 speakers made an appearance, including Mark Yusko, Kevin Wang, Bruce Fenton, Min Kim, and many more.

The theme for our ninth installment — "Game of Chains" — was all about the market leaders and their potential replacements in blockchain tech. As some of the largest cryptocurrencies on the market have come under fire for their many inefficiencies, industry leaders came on to discuss what they see as the current landscape of the realm. So-called “third-wave” blockchains use “proof of stake” or other consensus mechanisms instead of “proof of work” and our speakers gave their takes on what they see as the advantages and disadvantages of each. Beyond that, Ethereum 2.0 is still on the way, aimed at solving all of its predecessor’s supposed problems. Our speakers tackled what that might mean for the “upstart” chains trying to disrupt the most powerful rulers of the current crypto market.

Looking back

So what was the takeaway our speakers gave on the subjects at hand? We don’t want to put any words in their mouths! Each offered a unique perspective from their side of the blockchain: dev, management, outreach, UI/UX — and more.

Here is a selection of the 10 most popular talks as they were happening at the conference — there’s so much information here we couldn’t possibly summarize it in a Medium post. A picture may be worth a thousand words — so here’s several videos.

Kevin Wang — Co-founder at the Nervos Network
Kevin sits down to talk about how there shouldn’t be a “winner take all” attitude in blockchain. He also explains the must-have features of an interoperable blockchain ecosystem. In addition, Kevin shares some of his ideas about enabling devs to onboard more easily into projects. Check out his full 41-minute talk below!


Min Kim — Council Member at the ICON Foundation
Min shares his perspective about the role of interoperability and blockchain tech’s ability to augment legacy finance framed against the limitations of regulations across South Korea and beyond. Check out his full 38-minute talk below!


Dr. Fan Long — Co-Founder at the Conflux Network
Join Dr. Long as he discusses the permissionless Layer 1 public blockchain that’s connecting decentralized economies across borders and protocols. He also offers his insight into common misconceptions about blockchain adoption in China, the current blockchain landscape in China and the Conflux Network’s reach and influence there as the only regulatory compliant public chain. Watch his full 52-minute talk below!


Gehrig Kunz — Product Marketing Manager at Hedera Hashgraph
Watch as Gehrig discusses Hedera’s most recent mainnet upgrade, the Hedera Boost startup program, as well as Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie’s creator platform “Calaxy” launching on Hedera. Gehrig also gives his insights on consolidation and how he views it as inevitable because there’s too many blockchains. Give a look to his full 36-minute talk below!


Evan Kuo — Co-Founder at Ampleforth
The co-founder at Ampleforth sits down to discuss the release of the company’s governance token “FORTH” as well as what it’s like going cross-chain. Evan also talks about how Ampleforth most recently went live on the Binance chain. Also discussed: BTC as digital “gold”, economic principles that have inspired Ampleforth, as well as advice for students interested in getting involved in blockchain. Watch his full 34-minute talk below!


Arthur Breitman — Co-founder of the Tezos Project
Join Tezos’ co-founder Arthur as he chats about competition in the crypto space, ponders whether proof-of-stake will prove to be less inflationary than the alternatives, and talks about much more. Check out his full 38-minute talk below!


Mark Yusko — Founder, CEO and CIO at Morgan Creek Capital Management
Watch Mark’s illuminating talk about what the Miami Bitcoin conference meant for a return to normalcy and the future of blockchain. Mark also explains how global media views the crypto world — and is in for a rude awakening. He also gives his two-cents about crypto’s rise to the top of the financial sphere. Watch his full 54-minute talk below!


Scott Smiley — Co-founder at Balanced and ICON strategist
Scott joins the “Game of Chains” to give updates about ICON’s most recent updates. He also chats about increasing dApp growth to create value on the network itself. Scott also gives his point of view on how blockchains have evolved into cross-chain machines. Watch his full 38-minute below!


Algorand Foundation Panel Discussion: The rise of NFTs on Algorand’s network
Join Adam Leon from MouseBelt as he hosts a panel of Algorand’s finest looking at the rise of NFTs on the foundation’s network. Adam is joined by: Addie Wagenknecht, the Director of Technical Ecosystems at the Algorand Foundation; Chris Swenor, the CEO of Reach; and Erin Jackson, the Product Management Lead at Cantina. Hear them discuss the NFT boom, startup trends on the rise, and how to engage your community to increase growth on a global scale. Watch the full 57-minute panel discussion below!


Tellor Panel Discussion: Understanding interoperability risks
Join Nicholas Fett, the CTO at Tellor, as he hosts a panel of industry leaders focused on security and privacy risks across chains. They also discuss DeFi growth on chains other than Tellor and the complexities beyond simply bridging assets. Join Nicholas and Brandon Iles from Ampleforth, Robert Lauko from Liquity and David Goldberg from Synthetix! Watch the full 46-minute talk below!


Coming soon

REIMAGINE V10.0 is coming August 15! We’ll be taking a look back at over a year of events and looking forward to the future. We’re highlighting how far we and the crypto world as a whole have come since early 2020 — and the great things that are ahead!
The festivities and learning opportunities begin August 15 at 6 p.m. U.S. Eastern time! Sign up now and make sure to join us for REIMAGINE V10.0!


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