Learn and Earn During MouseBelt University Winter Pitch Competition

MouseBelt University is preparing for it's Winter Pitch Competition with an exciting giveaway sponsored by MouseBelt Accelerator participant Grow Your Base. Students can earn digital assets to fund their projects by sharing information about the competition, attending workshops to learn about starting a blockchain business, and engaging with the Grow Your Base platform.

About the pitch competition:

You’ve got the dream. We’ve got the team.

MouseBelt is looking for highly motivated, determined entrepreneurs to join our accelerator. Are you a strong leader looking to create an amazing new company? Have a great idea but need a team to execute it? We empower individuals to create the future of blockchain technology. With a business development team and 50 engineers, we've got the resources, now all we need is you!

Top projects will receive investment in capital and resources, support and advice from industry professionals and the opportunity to network with other startup founders.

Some areas of interest are:

  • General non-custodial solutions
  • Wallets
  • Remittances
  • Identity
  • Recruitment

A clear go to market strategy as well as a validated business idea is a bonus. Applications are due Feb 1 and can be submitted here.

About the Giveaway

Learn and Earn

MouseBelt University and Grow Your Base are providing an exclusive opportunity to students to learn about and earn digital assets. We believe The best way to understand a new technology is to experience it first-hand which is why we're pairing our workshop series with this giveaway.

Open an account at https://growyourbase.co/?utm_source=MouseBeltU (shorten & hyperlink) to participate in over $1,000 of rewards for referring your fellow classmates and new users. Prizes are as follows:

  • 1st - $400 cash & crypto
  • 2nd -5th each $100 of cash & crypto
  • 6th – 20th each $25 crypto
  • 21st – 100th each $10 crypto

Students can earn points by joining our telegram, following us on twitter, sharing this blog and referring their friends. Students can earn twice as many points for attending our workshops. These workshops are meant to prepare you for the pitch competition will be heald at 10am and 6pm PST Jan 22 for Go-to-Market Strategy session and Jan 29 Pitch Decks & Pitching session. Visit https://bit.ly/mbucalendar to register!.

MouseBelt University is the largest association of university blockchain organizations offering funding, educational resources, and a platform for cross-campus collaboration. Students from over 78+ schools in 14 countries have access to one-on-one mentorship with members of our engineering, business development, and university teams.

GrowYourBase is an earning platform for companies with digital assets to promote and interact with key users by rewarding them with their native tokens. They work with businesses to grow their brand and sell more products. Companies can leverage their global network of over 2.5 million consumers to increase their active following.

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