One common request we hear at MouseBelt is:

"Can I integrate cryptocurrency X, Y, Z and my own token into my app?"

There wasn't a lot of developer support for a solution. Many packages had to be combined to allow for a simple integration with common practices (like generating and recovering a mnemonic). Tying these together into a mobile app can be a headache.

Because of this, we decided to make native iOS and Android SDKs to power the integration of multiple types of cryptocurrencies into a mobile application. We ran into a few challenges along the way, a few of which are:

  1. There is not wide bip39 mnemonic support for all cryptocurrencies
  2. Some (like stellar) recognize addresses only once they have been funded
  3. Some are HD, while others derive only the first address

We had to create a standard interface for generating a wallet, choosing the network it lives on, generating an address, syncing transactions and sending tokens. This allows a developer to initialize whichever blockchains they wish to use, then interact with them in their app.

We integrated into our MouseXplore block explorer for some of these, and tried to give as uniform as possible of an interface for calling wallet functions across blockchains.

We encourage you to check out our repository, add it as a package, fork it, clone it or suggest edits!

Learn more about our other tools:
MouseWallet To be released Spring 2019
MouseUtils To be released Spring 2019

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