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Introducing MouseWallet--one of the newest open-source tools from MouseBelt! This release is part of a larger suite of tools launched in 2018. These tools were created in partnership with No Rest Labs in hopes of encouraging more innovation in the blockchain space by alleviating the work associated with a new project.

MouseWallet is a wallet implementation of the MouseSDK. It showcases wallet best practices, mnemonic generation/restore, exchange APIs and integrates each of the cryptocurrencies in the SDK. This simple multi-chain wallet is native on Android and iOS and supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Stellar and NEO blockchains inside the wallet, keeping the balances from each of them.

MouseWallet consists of four tools including simple multi-blockchain wallet management SDKs:

As with all of our tools, MouseWallet is released under an MIT license, so you are free to fork our repositories and use them however you want. You can copy it or pull features from it to use in mobile applications.

Learn more about our other open-source tools:

MouseBelt is a full-service blockchain accelerator that goes beyond cash investments to give startups the work-force they need to grow and develop. Learn more here.

No Rest Labs is a team with over 35 engineers driving relentless blockchain innovation. They offer a range of blockchain solutions and packages that can be custom tailored to fit any model. Learn more here.
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