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When looking at incoming proposals at NoRestLabs and accelerator applications at MouseBelt, we noticed quite a few similarities. While the ideas of people who wanted to hold an ICO ranged from innovative to derivative, the requests were the same. For example we received multiple requests for:
  • A way to issue and distribute cryptocurrency
  • A way to track it without running a full node
  • A way to store and spend it
  • Compliance that goes along with a token sale

We have worked on some tools that serve as a starting point for all of the above, allowing developers to easily integrate these into their projects.

Both companies have decided to share these tools with the world! They are all released under an MIT license, so you are free to fork our repositories and use them however you want. We think it will help alleviate some of the work that goes with launching a new project. Here are our current releases:

MouseXplore released
MouseXplore is a block explorer for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Stellar and Neo. It features the main asset as well as other assets issued on-chain. If you want to add your own blockchain to the tracker, start with whichever one looks closest, and implement the API for it.

MouseSDK released
MouseSDK is a native SDK for iOS and Android. It combines some popular projects under a simple interface that handles mnemonic generation, address generation, syncing and sending transactions. It's a simple way to integrate any or all of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Neo and Stellar to your mobile applications.

MouseKYC released
MouseKYC is a simple KYC application that follows a standard integration flow to perform KYC in a dashboard. Instead of using a paid service you have little ability to customize, you can fork and deploy this dashboard however you like.

MouseWallet released in 30 days
MouseWallet is a wallet implementation of the MouseSDK. It showcases wallet best practices, mnemonic generation/restore, exchange APIs and integrates each of the cryptocurrencies in the SDK. You can copy it or pull features from it to use in mobile applications.

MouseUtils released in 30 days
These are some web blockchain development utils we have used, and cleaned up to fit our needs. As we make any more utilities internally, we will share them here.

We encourage anyone to look over these tools, copy and deploy them however you want, or suggest and make edits!

Learn more about each of these tools:
MouseWallet To be released Spring 2019
MouseUtils To be released Spring 2019

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