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Students from over 60 top universities worldwide join MouseBelt in bringing blockchain to campus

After funding the first accredited blockchain engineering course at UCLA and supporting over a dozen student blockchain organizations at universities in the U.S., MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator has gone international and redoubled their efforts to bring blockchain to universities with a totally revamped University Program for Spring 2019.


The new initiative brings together over 60 student organizations from 12 different countries. Participants represent some of the world’s top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and the National University of Singapore. Throughout the 8-week program, students will have access to a members-only educational and social platform where they can collaborate, learn and build blockchain projects with each other. At the end of the term, 10 of the top student projects will be selected to receive $25,000 each in funding.

The most exciting addition to the program is a series of 8-week courses to be taught by industry experts and guest lecturers. Students can choose one or any combination of three separate educational tracts focusing on student leadership, blockchain engineering and the business of blockchain. All content is available online and includes live video classes scheduled in various timezones to maximize interaction with students and provide instant feedback.

The student leadership course will help organizations grow by running discussions on attracting members, finding sponsors, and organizing engaging events. Students interested in learning blockchain development will learn how to build a blockchain, write smart contracts, and deploy an exchange. Finally, the business of blockchain course will cover topics such as tokeneconomics, business plans, and fundraising which will help prepare them for the pitch competition where they can receive $25,000 in funding for their company.

The COO of MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator, Patrick McLain, encourages more organizations to apply saying:

This is MouseBelt University 2.0, our way to make an even bigger impact on traditional education and support the blockchain industry. We are ready to accept over 200 schools if they match our basic requirements of having a student blockchain organization with at least 5 people

MouseBelt University is currently the largest association of university blockchain organizations offering funding, educational resources, and a platform for cross-campus collaboration to hundreds of students from all over the world. Join their efforts to bring blockchain to universities today!

Apply to the MouseBelt University program here.

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