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Pledgecamp Joins MouseBelt to Build the Next Generation of Crowdfunding

MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator is excited to announce our newest accelerator participant: Pledgecamp. Pledgecamp brings transparency, accountability, and trust to crowdfunding. With the blockchain enabling a decentralized, collaborative crowd, backers can help any idea, anywhere with the confidence that creators will keep their promises.

Until now crowdfunding has mainly been an act of faith--falling in love with a project, putting some financial skin into it, and just hoping it will come to fruition. By marrying crowdfunding with the benefits of blockchain, Pledgecamp provides a solution for this imperfect scenario in 5 ways:

  1. Backer insurance:
    Backing a project with your hard-earned money shouldn't leave you helpless from a financial nightmare. With Pledgecamp's "Backer Insurance", backers have the power to hold creators to a higher standard and ensure their money is rewarded with good faith. Creators will need to set realistic expectations and remain accountable, even after the funding period is over.
  2. Campaign deposits:
    Before backing a project, you should know exactly what you're getting into and who you're getting into it with. Pledgecamp's campaign deposits force creators to put money their where their mouths are. They are also rewarded for providing material disclosures that foster transparency to better protect your money.
  3. Incentivising collaboration:
    Pledgecamp believes the crowd has much more to offer than just their money and should be rewarded for bringing their skills and connections to the equation. "Pledge Coins" enable automated, blockchain-based payments where users can help the platform grow at the same time as earning tokens themselves.
  4. Decentralization:
    Crowdfunding at its heart is a decentralized system but currently, it is burdened by centralized parties whose bottom lines consist of generating listing fees and restricts who is able to list and join due to things like borders, currencies, and politics. Combining crowdfunding with the decentralized nature of the blockchain will allow users to participate in and shape the network according to their needs and priorities and scale without centralized constraints.
  5. Industry experience:
    An idea, no matter how revolutionary, needs to be presented and campaigned to its potential audience of backers. It needs to break through and create impact. As experienced crowdfunders themselves, Pledgecamp knows what tools work and which are missing from the current solutions. The team will supply the tools and the marketplace for creators to access what they need to succeed. For pros and first-timers alike, data-driven Automation, Advanced Ecommerce, Analytics, and Data Management integrations will help creators build and optimize their campaigns.

President Eddie Lee said of the MouseBelt partnership:

"Pledgecamp is excited to work with MouseBelt because we are aligned with only one goal in mind: building a world-changing business."

For more information about the Pledgecamp project, visit their website.
For more information about MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator visit our website.

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