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Students Win 3rd Place at Proof of Hack Using MouseSDK

A team of students at Dallas Blockchain and HackDFW's Proof of Hack event won 3rd place using our open source SDK--MouseSDK! The hackathon was partially sponsored through our University Program and challenged hackers to build a project using one of our open source developer tools.


CryptoVoice allows you to manage your crypto wallet using Google Home so you can "buy or sell cryptocurrency at the speed of sound".

Here's a statement from Dallas Blockchain about the event:

"We had a great time at our 2nd Proof Of Hack with Dallas Blockchain and HackDFW. It’s always exciting to see the Dallas development community grow and that’s why we love events like this. Future technologists come in with little knowledge and work towards understanding new technology stacks in a rapid 24-hour turnaround. So exciting and so much fun. We’ve truly had a great time building relationships, having fun and hacking.

Thank you to our sponsors, as this event wouldn’t be possible without you guys: Hedera Hashgraph, MouseBelt, Shardus, Thompson Reuters, BCEN, The North Texas Blockchain Alliance, Wali Works, NOVAM, Cryptocurrency Consulting.

Special shout out to everyone who helped put this event together: Jake Wilkerson, Adam Kila, Michael Lewellen, Adam Kila, Harley Swick, Jared Bass, HackDFW volunteers, Mark Hopkins, Simi Hunjan, Omar Syed, Brooks McMillin, Adam Perschke, Naveed Haque, James Scott, Ph.D. Our awesome T-shirt by Teknici / Maaz Ali Khan.

We’re excited to start planning for next year soon and hope to keep making improvements to this awesome event. Thanks for all the support everyone!"


Learn more about our university program here.

Learn more about our open source tools here.

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