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REIMAGINE V10.0 is coming August 15

REIMAGINE 2021 returns August 15 for V10.0! In addition to the very latest crypto updates and real crypto stories, we’re also taking the time to highlight just how great our attendees and speakers at the conference have been over its last nine iterations as we continue to look to the future.

Leading up to V10.0’s start, we’ll be doing a 24-hour stream event of all the previous REIMAGINE conferences - highlighting the best and most insightful talks and speakers over the past year! The 10th edition of REIMAGINE will feature all of the content you’ve grown to love - from blockchain industry panels, expert speakers, to the latest news from around the crypto world! Expect university panels, awards and much more!

“We are beyond grateful to be able to bring the community this special 10th anniversary event," says Ashlie Meredith, Vice President at MouseBelt. "With all the ups and downs the crypto space has seen over the last year, we hope to provide a space to celebrate and reflect all the wins we've had.”

The MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator puts on the REIMAGINE conference. At MouseBelt, we are an ecosystem supporting students and startups in the blockchain industry. Expect several university-theme panels at V10.0 as well!

RSVP TO V10.0 NOW! You could win cryptocurrency!

A brief history of REIMAGINE

The world was a very different place at the start of March 2020 - blockchain included. With the cryptocurrency world having just weathered the ICO bubble and a two-year bear market, everything was headed back to normal.

Then it wasn’t normal. The conference circuit - a major part of innovation and collaboration in the crypto world - looked like it would die on the vine. What could be done when the whole world was being told to stay inside their homes? Then MouseBelt decided to not let a global pandemic stop the conferences, the collaborations - and launched REIMAGINE 2020. We could still meet up socially just not in-person. We at MouseBelt could still make a positive impact despite the shutdowns, lockdowns and what have you. And it didn’t just get the standard conference-goers involved, either.

With REIMAGINE, we decided to bring the in-person conferences to you - for free! No worrying about air travel and hotel rooms - just boot up your device of choice and you could join in the conversation! You didn’t have to be on the road with the conference circuit to keep up with the very latest innovation, now the innovation was available wherever you are: for students, researchers and the rest.

REIMAGINE was created with the intention of having a truly global virtual conference for the masses. But, really, how do you even go about doing that?
First, after it was determined that we were indeed going to throw the most radical and rebellious conference possible, we set a date. We gave a team of about seven people less than a month to get REIMAGINE V1.0 off the ground.

At this point, we decided to collaborate with BlockTV, a blockchain and crypto news outlet we’d worked with in the past, and we inquired about how we were going to go live with 72 hours of constantly streaming content. Three weeks before the conference was set to start, BlockTV went under. The pandemic had affected their future and would unfortunately not be able to participate. No longer did we have the largest news provider in the sphere to help us!

So, like the badasses we are, we said, “Screw it! We’ll just do it ourselves.”

All company resources were pooled together and we began brainstorming. For those two weeks leading up to the launch date, everyone was working 18 to 24 hour days. Everyone was scrambling to get the content produced, keep it organized, and figure out how our customized playlists would stream to the entire virtual world.

The pressure was on, but V1.0 was a massive success - along with V2.0, 3.0 and beyond. V9.0’s “Game of Chains” conference was a big hit in June. We’re back with V10.0 on August 15. Don’t miss it!

Why we do what we do

The Blockchain Education Alliance is a network of industry leaders committed to supporting blockchain education, research, and entrepreneurship at universities and beyond. The group has provided funding and educational materials for meetups, workshops, and hackathons via MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator’s University Program. The University Program, founded in 2018, is a community of students and professors from 100+ universities worldwide that has grown to include an online educational platform, student pitch competitions, and the UC Blockchain Initiative.

The decision to launch a virtual conference series comes after MouseBelt’s years of experience offering remote acceleration, educational, and event services. Most recently, MouseBelt launched a free, virtual, Startup School to provide founders of very early stage projects with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for investment or placement in accelerator programs at MouseBelt and beyond. The virtual conference and networking event is designed to connect blockchain talent to infrastructure and industry. The goal is to welcome enthusiasts far and near to share their experiences and education. The team hopes these stories can serve as both entertainment and advice for the students and professionals alike tuning in.

The previous nine events in the REIMAGINE series have featured over 500 interviews with 450 hours of content from speakers in 22 countries!

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Coca Cola, AB-Inbev, Fed Ex, Unicef, ING Bank, Rolls Royce, and 20+ others


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30+ universities including UC Davis, Loyola, University of Michigan, Morgan State, Duquesne, Marquette, Toulouse Business School, RMCAD, University of Arkansas, UConn and more

About MouseBelt

MouseBelt is an ecosystem promoting blockchain innovation by supporting hands-on development of the emerging projects and leaders in the industry. The leaders they support are:

Startups — MouseBelt accelerator supports early-stage companies with capital and in-kind investments;

Builders — MouseBelt Engineering supports developers and projects with open-source tools and a development shop; and

Community — its media and university projects encourage newcomers to get involved with blockchain.

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About MouseBelt Team

MouseBelt is an ecosystem promoting blockchain innovation by supporting hands-on development of the emerging projects and leaders in the industry. Startups. Builders. Community.