University Program Director, Ashlie Meredith, represented MouseBelt at Seattle Blockchain Week last month. First at University of Washington's Blockchain Exposition on Oct 13th. We sponsored the event which was hosted by UW Blockchain Society. Another event she attended that week was the Blockchain NW conference on Oct 16th.

The UW Blockchain Expo was created by students in conjunction with professional industry mentors. They hosted expert speakers, and offered two tracks of educational workshops presented by professionals from a variety of disciplines. Ashlie and our CTO Galen Danziger worked together on a presentation that was both an overview of MouseBelt as a company, and the common development requests we receive at our sister company No Rest Labs. These features can be easily be integrated into a blockchain project using our open source tools.


Ashlie presents our open source tools


Ashlie and our front-end developer So Choi, who lives in Seattle, table at the event.


Pre-expo sponsors dinner

President and co-founder of UW Blockchain Society, Zack Nelson, offered his thoughts on the event:

Collaboration in Blockchain will be a key piece in the sustainability of this technology. Thanks to Mousebelt, we at the University of Washington Blockchain Society are able to fulfill one of our mission statements, making Blockchain accessible to all.

I hope our fantastic relationship with Mousebelt continues far into the future so that together we can continue to create a robust and inclusive industry.


UW Blockchain Society members celebrate their successful event at dinner. In attendance was Rosalind Stengle the president of Badger Blockchain who's hackathon we sponsored in September

The Blockchain NW conference featured speakers from Microsoft, Major League Baseball Crypto Collectible (MLB Crypto), MyCrypto, Wells Fargo, GE Healthcare, POA Network, EOS Lynx, Hyperledger Seattle, EVERY*, BURST, LogicInbound and more. The focus of the event was scaling blockchain, adoption from dapps, tech, and industries.


Monero community manager explains the difference between Monero and Bitcoin

At the conference, Zack spoke on a panel about mass adoption and echoed the sentiments and mission of MouseBelt's University Program saying:

Students from all backgrounds are intersted in [blockchain], you don't have to be a CS major or Business major to be interested in this. We need designers to create our website, we need psychologists who understand why users are interested in different things. There's a multitude of backgrounds and experiences that can provide value in this and I think that the more we can express that to a larger population the more engagement we'll see from students across all majors

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Written by Ashlie Meredith

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