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Stardust joins MouseBelt to put gaming on the blockchain

We are pleased to announce that MouseBelt is adding a gaming platform, Stardust, to our first batch of accelerator participants! Stardust is a Blockchain SaaS platform that enables game publishers to easily create and implement blockchain assets into their games without having to worry about scalable blockchain infrastructure or writing code. Developers can now leverage the blockchain in a pain-free way for both themselves and their players, providing a pathway for the seamlessly integrated blockchain based games of the future.

Stardust is built on a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, the Loom SDK. This technology will allow Stardust to provide a highly scalable and zero-transaction-cost infrastructure to gaming ecosystems that will be built on the Stardust Platform. With Stardust utilizing a cutting edge Layer 2 solution for its platform, Stardust can focus on customer acquisition and blockchain adoption in gaming rather than being weighed down by obsolete and outdated technology.

Stardust will enable game publishers to utilize the blockchain to provide a better experience for their players and increase their bottom line by providing:

  • Ownership of assets
  • Provable rarity of assets
  • Cross game items
  • Rentable asset contracts
  • Crowdfunding with asset sales
  • Access to revenue sharing marketplaces

CEO and founder, Canaan Linder, is a Carnegie Mellon Graduate (class of 2017). After graduation, Canaan worked for Bloomberg as a software engineer in the mortgages team. At Bloomberg, Canaan found his passion for blockchain by leading the internal blockchain chatroom with 800+ employees.

Linder said of the partnership:

I am looking forward to leveraging MouseBelt's uniquely talented team to propel Stardust from MVP to real world adoption.

For more information about the Stardust project, visit their website.
For more information about MouseBelt and our accelerator visit our website.

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