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Trojan Crypto Club Partners with MouseBelt to Launch Dev Nights@USC

Trojan Crypto Club has just launched its first series of Dev Nights@USC. Dev Nights is a series of workshops sponsored by our MouseBelt University Program lead by student and industry developers with the aim of developing a blockchain developer community in the University of Southern California. Participants will get an introduction to Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum, learn how to deploy smart contracts on ETH, and Build a complete DApp. The goal of the workshops is to build a cohort of knowledgable programmers sharing and building real-world projects on the blockchain.

As part of the workshop series, participants will also work with several industrial products and gain valuable experience working with passionate individuals in the space. Eventually, the club hopes to structure the series towards helping projects find funding. Edward So, president of Trojan Crypto Club, said they started Dev Nights@USC as a continuing effort to build a passionate blockchain/crypto community following the USC Blockathon. He added, "there's a lot of potential in blockchain development and we want to spread this narrative."

Trojan Crypto Club is a community of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who meet weekly to discuss different facets of Cryptocurrency investments and Blockchain, collaborate with developers on blockchain Proof of Concept (PoC) projects, and conduct professional events for industry leaders to connect with USC blockchain community. In February 2019 they organized the inaugural USC Blockchain Hackathon.

I am fascinated by how cryptos can more efficiently and accurately encapsulate digital value. This leads me to interests in token-economic designs, on-chain and off-chain governance, and crypto adoption in emerging markets.
-Edward So, President

Dev Nights@USC is sponsored by MouseBelt through our MouseBelt University Program.

MouseBelt is a full-service blockchain accelerator that goes beyond cash investments to give startups the work-force they need to grow and develop.

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