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Blockchain at UCSB Summer Update

MouseBelt University has continued to support student blockchain organizations into the summer. Along with onboarding our newest portfolio companies from the pitch competition, we have also provided event funding, educational resources, and mentorship to students at universities around the globe. President Ruban Dermoyan of Blockchain at UCSB provided us with an update:


"Crypto has this incredible ability to bring people, from all walks of life, together creating a fun and diverse community around it. In retrospect, it was no surprise then, that we started seeing a lot of non-students and non-academics show up at our Blockchain at UCSB events. We started meeting wonderful people with backgrounds such as project management, IT, law, aviation and so on, who had one thing in common - their passion to learn more about blockchain.

Through these encounters, we came up with the idea to go beyond the walls of the university and reach out to the wider Santa Barbara community. Our first step was to organize the Blocktalk Pop-up Networking event in Downtown Santa Barbara.

This was also an opportunity for our new officer recruits to show what they got. Although there were some challenges, the positive vibes during the event and the smiles on people's faces were a testimony that the event was a success.

We wanted to thank Victor Zakhary (Ph.D. Computer Science) for his great presentation about how blockchain works and what its many applications are and Sarah Manski (Ph.D. Global Studies) for her insight into how blockchain can be used to tackle global socioeconomic issues.



We wanted to give our special thanks to Mousebelt University for sponsoring the event and to Impact Hub Santa Barbara for inviting us to their wonderful workspace. for providing us the venue.

Finally, a big shout out to our BCUCSB officers for organizing the event! In particular big thanks to Cameron, Mia, Seita, Kade, Manny, Zain, and Melody! You Guys Rock!!


Learn more about Blockchain at UCSB here."

Are you a student blockchain organization or interested in working us to drive innovation in blockchain education? Learn more about MouseBelt University here.

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