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Uptrennd Joins MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator

MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator is pleased to announce the newest participant in our current batch classTwo: Uptrennd.


Uptrennd is a social media site, built for YOU and founded on the following principles:

  1. Distribution of Wealth
  2. Freedom of Speech
  3. Equality of Opportunity
  4. Data Security

Every time a member’s post or comment is upvoted, they receive rewards. The higher a member's level, the more rewards they can earn. At level one, members earn one token per upvote. Upvoting is free.

You can use points to level up (earning you more points per upvote), purchase ads and promote posts, or redeem for crypto in the form of 1UP tokens which can be traded on 3rd party exchanges.

Uptrennd recently announced the opening of "all topics", allowing users to post and earn in topics ranging from Animals to World News. First they will proceed with the current list and after evaluation have their community suggest new ones.

Why Uptrennd?

Uptrennd founder Jeff Kirdeikis shared his thoughts about joining MouseBelt:

Uptrennd is proud to be partnering with Mousebelt. We believe great things can be built through passion, dedication and strong values. We see all three of these qualities in Mousebelt’s foundation and the members of their team. We believe this synergy will help carry the momentum of a social media platform that put people first into parabolic growth.

We interviewed Jeff back in August 2019 on Bitcoin Radio. Listen here.

To learn more about Uptrennd visit their how-it-works page.

To learn more about MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator visit our website.


MouseBelt is an ecosystem promoting blockchain innovation by supporting hands-on development of the emerging projects and leaders in the industry. Our three-pronged approach spans all the touch points into the blockchain space: 1) our accelerator supports early-stage companies with capital and in-kind investments; 2) our blockchain advisory supports developers and projects with open-source tools and a development shop; and 3) our media and university projects encourage newcomers to get involved with blockchain.

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