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Virtual Bored Ape and NFT Event, 50+ Speakers, May 2

REIMAGINE, the virtual conference highlighting Web3 topics put on by MouseBelt, is returning May 2. The newest event, a two-day adventure into the metaverse, will focus on the recent meteoric rise of nonfungible tokens — NFTs — and projects like the Bored Ape Yacht Club.
REIMAGINE: Rise of the Apes is a free, online-only event open to absolutely everyone. **Register for the conference at this link**. Check out the previous REIMAGINE conferences here to see the incredible content provided by our gracious guest speakers.
Past Reimagine Guests have included Sam Bankman-Fried, Eric Voorhees, Charles Hoskinson, Anthony Pompliano, Tim Draper, and many more.
REIMAGINE V8.0 State of The Artchain was dedicated to highlighting top NFT leaders and projects. Including past companies Skale Labs, Rarible, Immutable, Vault12, NFT Genius, Terra Virtua.
V8.0 featured names like Stephen Tse (CEO of Harmony), Don Diablo (one of the world’s top DJs), Jack O’Holleran (Co-founder of Skale Labs) , Anatoly Yakovenko (President of the Solana Foundation), Helen Hai (Head of Binance NFT) and many others.
REIMAGINE promises to bring on dozens of BAYC/MAYC holders to speak among the usual list of industry experts and developers. The full list of speakers will be announced shortly — if you would like to speak at Rise of the Apes, head to this link.
Rise of the Apes will be focused around “Topics” of discussion over five hours each day — with each about one hour in length. In addition to our usual broadcast of speakers, Rise of the Apes will also feature multiple limited space events hosted during the main conference.
Check out the full list of panels for REIMAGINE: Rise of the Apes below:

  • BAYC — Year 1 in Review: What Worked, What Didn’t, What’s Next
  • Meet the Holders: Understanding Who Owns BAYC NFTs
  • Community Strength: the Real Value?
  • BAYC vs. Everyone: Why Did It Work?
  • Watch the Road: Analyzing the Roadmap And What’s Next
  • Crypto Punks Acquisition: Good or Bad?
  • The ApeCoin Launch: The New Metaverse Currency?
  • A New World: Will Yuga Make a Metaverse?
  • Some New Friends: How Will BAYC Interact With Other NFT Characters?
  • 2022: What’s In Store For BAYC And the NFT Community?

Make sure to follow the REIMAGINE Twitter account for all the latest updates on our upcoming conference!

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